Miss Year 2017

Miss Year 2017 | National Title

miss-year-2017As one of Scotlands leading agencies, we offer new faces & established models the opportunity to take part in our annual title which this year will take place on Saturday 8th July, at Mercure Hotel, Inverness. There are several categories, catering for all ages, dress sizes, nationalities, looks, and maritial statuses. We do not discriminate against mothers, plus size, or those over a certain age. By taking part in our annual pageant, you can be assured your confidence will soar, new friends will be made, and you will realise your potential as an individual like never before.

What does taking part in Miss Year 2017 involve?

This is no typical beauty pageant, where you are judged on looks alone. We are searching for someone who excels within the community, has a keen interest in charity, and presents themselves in the best way possible. In the run up to the event, each contestant will receive a finalist sash in the post, and an information pack with details on what is expected. But to give you a rough idea, the purpose of the pageant is to build self esteem of participants, help the community, and our chosen charity, In memory of Lily-Alexis. On the lead up to the pageant, contestants will be encouraged to raise funds by taking part in various activities such as sponsored walks, baking sales, holding their own small events, car boot sales & so on. Contestants are also given extra points for appearances, which is featuring at an event such as shop opening, or charity night, wearing your sash. We suggest 5-10 appearances as a guideline. Appearances should be documented on social media, and hopefully this raises support for you. Write-ups in magazines or the newspaper also count as appearances. On the day of the pageant, you should bring a folder with a print out of all appearances for the judges to look at and award points for. 1/2 points are awarded for e-pearances, which is when a business page posts about you on Facebook along with a photo and a sash.

On the day, we will ask contestants to arrive in the morning, for registration, and rehearsals. Contestants should bring their sashes, appearance folders, and proof of funds raised. There will be awards for everyone who takes part; nobody leaves empty handed and whatever you do best, the judges will credit you for.

There are 3 rounds, casual wear (jeans and tshirt), evening wear, and a round which you will choose yourself from the following categories:

– Catsuits
– Swimwear
– Plus Fashion
– Talent
– Wow Wear

There will be an overall winner, and a bonus crown individually from each category. As well as an overall national winner, there will be regional title holders Miss Inverness and Miss Aberdeen awarded respectively. There will be a winning crown for each category sub heading too, for example, Miss Plus Fashion. You could win the sub category AND be crowned overall too. Under 16s may NOT enter Catsuit or swimwear sections.

As with all pageants, an entry fee is applicable to cover operational costs. A £25 small deposit is required to secure your place, then a further £95 is due by 14/4/2017. Sashes are posted out upon receipt of the deposit however.

We are not judging based on body shape, or beauty, but more stage presence, confidence and stagemanship. The effort put in prior to the pageant is taken into consideration too, with charity work, appearances, and interaction with others. A group chat will be created for contestants to get to know one another and prepare together.

Prize package will be confirmed soon, but as usual outstanding silverware crowns & beautiful sashes will be on display.

We will also be offering the chance for tots to take to the stage in our first ever 0-5 category, please get in touch for entry information for this.

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